Information Page

Welcome to Troop 272 of Milford Michigan! Troop 272 was founded on March 26, 2007. Within a month, this new troop had it's first patrol based campout. Within four months this newly formed troop participated in its first summer camp at Lost Lake Scout Reservation and won Honor Patrol awards for all patrols, placed second in "The Gauntlet", won the Reptile and Amphibian contest, and to top it all off, won the award for the best skit. The troop also conducted its own church service with it's Chaplain's Aides and the Chaplain's Aides also participated in the camp-wide church service.

Like most Boy Scout troops, Troop 272 is based on the Patrol Method. Each patrol has its own cooking gear, stove and accessories provided by the troop. Each boy is responsible for his own personal camping gear including a tent. Traditionally boys in our troop have purchased Timberline 4XT tents. These are scout tough and can be used in 4 seasons.

Personal camping gear does not have to be overly expensive. See our standard list of gear needed for a weekend campout. Although not significantly more, there are some addition items needed for summer camp. Gear and clothing for a winter campout will be explained to the boys before going on such an adventure. A sleeping bag rated to 0 degrees is a good investment.

Troop 272's program emphasizes year-round camping starting with a week long summer camp and continuing through the year with generally a campout per month with the exception of the busy month of December. January's campout is generally the ever popular "Electronics Weekend" and is held in a cabin. This is the only campout where boys are allowed to bring electronics of any kind.

Rank Advancement is done at each boy's pace in the troop. With the large contingent of adult leadership in the troop, boys who have an interest in learning or demonstrating a skill for a rank requirement have ample opportunity to do so at campouts and regularly scheduled meetings.

Year-round camping Program - Troop 272 maintains a pre-planned year-round program. The dates and places of our campouts can always be found on our online calendar.

Merit Badges - While boys are always welcome to look up and call any merit badge counselor within the district/council, Troop 272 does have several merit badge counselors within the troop who can be utilized. A great resource for additional detailed information can be found on the site HERE

Our Troop does have a library managed by the Troop Librarian. The list of those book available can be found here: Troop 272 Merit Badge Books Library